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Field Grey Assault Gun Uniform
Item #: SS Assault Gunner Wrap
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The Army introduced a field grey version of the Panzer special clothing (Sonderbekleidung) in May 1940. The SS began to wear the uniform in 1941, with the equipping of individual units. Though it is likely some army uniforms were worn, the unique SS version seemed to coincide with the garment's introduction. The SS pattern jacket had a vertical front opening in contrast to the army's diagonal cut. The collar on earlier examples tended to be slightly more pointed than later issue, initially favoring the army design. Some questions remain regarding the first trousers worn with the uniform. It is clear that the front pockets initially had single button flaps. Army trousers also used this arrangement, but with an integrated belt on the waist. There is a possibility that a distinctly separate and earlier pattern existed, showing a single button flap, but with the non-belted SS waistband. This would include attached loops for an external belt, completely eliminating the built-in army style. Later issue trousers had a second button added to the pocket flap, probably sometime in 1942. In August of that year it was ordered that all assault gun personnel be issued the field grey special clothing.

Shown here is a standard SS assault gun jacket. The jacket accepts the slip on shoulder boards. It was very common to replace the SS black style with pink piped army shoulder boards; this practice was more common for officer ranks. The rayon lining material, a silver grey HBT, is from captured Italian stocks. The jacket back is a single panel construction which is most common on this style uniform.