We are looking to purchase top quality World War 2 artifacts. Please call 410-750-3502. ::: We are looking to purchase top quality World War 2 artifacts. Please call 410-750-3502.
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The World War 2 Preservation Trust – About Us

The World War 2 Preservation Trust and its mission is to preserve World War 2 souvenirs and memorabilia which includes German Helmets, German Uniforms, as well as all artifacts relating to the United States Military. Our goal is to acquire and conserve United States Military, German, Waffen SS and Japanese artifacts that otherwise might be neglected, preventing future generations from understanding the symbolism hey have in our world history. We can only accomplish this goal with your help.

It’s About Passion…

We are appraisers and experts in World War 2 history and World War 2 memorabilia, and have had the opportunity and pleasure of talking with hundreds of World War 2 Veterans and their families. We are amazed at the number of German and Japanese artifacts these veterans brought home after The War as well as the stories associated with these wonderful war trophies. We have a deep understanding of the impact the World War 2 experience has had on their lives and the lives of their families. Fast forward to the present day and the majority of these voices have been silenced by Father Time. We are working daily to contact the remaining members of "The Greatest Generation” and their families to record their stories and preserve their memory.

It’s About Knowledge…

We presently serve as consultants to museums, auction houses, and historical societies throughout the Country and the world. It is our specialty to help these institutions and individuals identify, authenticate, and appraise the artifacts they have in their collections. Furthermore, We feel it’s our duty to gather the words, photographs, anecdotes, and artifacts of our veterans to convey their enormous sacrifices to present and future generations.

It’s About Commitment…

It is known that many veterans returned home with souvenirs from their adventures overseas. These World War 2 artifacts, whether something as simple as a German or Japanese medal or badge, or symbolic as a flag, German uniform or helmet; all these artifacts represent the spoils of war. Remember the old saying, "To the victor goes the spoils!” And the American G.I. was the most prolific souvenir hunter of all time.

It is through these souvenirs, along with other visuals, that we hope to keep the spirit and history of the era alive. Our institution and museum exists for the love of history and the people who make it. Read what others have said about working with us in our Reviews section.

We look forward to talking with you and having the opportunity to tell you more about our plans to keep the spirit of these heroes alive and our dedication to preserving U.S., German, and Japanese World War 2 artifacts and memorabilia for decades to come.